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HOT SHOT Manufacturing VAPOR Thumb Release

HOT SHOT Manufacturing VAPOR Thumb Release

   The Hot Shot Manufacturing Vapor was first introduced in 2014. I have been shooting this release for almost a year. The Vapor comes in a 3 finger and 4 finger version. It also comes in Black and Realtree Camo finishes. This leaves you with 4 different options for the Hot Shot Vapor. I choose the 4 finger Realtree Camo version for my choice. Most people think of a wrist strap release for hunting and a thumb release for target shooting. This is Hot Shots answer to a silent thumb release mainly directed towards bowhunting. Why not have a release that you can use it all year round? Because when you change your release you likely change your anchor point. Most manufactures on the market will not build a hand held, thumb-triggered release for bowhunters. 


     When I first got the release I noticed the Quality of the release. It is made with space aged coating & hardening finish that gives it durability and smoothness. All made from metals and is covered by a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. Hot Shot is known for making great quality products and standing behind these products. They are also known for having great customer service no matter how many years down the road you may run into an issue. You can send your release back to them and they can pull it apart, address any issues and rebuild it. The package comes with the release, wrist lanyard, directions and allen wrenches for making adjustments.

    Once you put this release in your hand you will notice the ergonomic feel it has. The design and feel are very comfortable in the hand. As you press on the large thumb barrel you will see the release open. You will also notice that there is little to no sound coming from this release. That is what you want in the treestand or ground blind, little to no sound. You do not want the animal you are hunting to know that you are there. I was able to use the Vapor in the field this past fall and in a hunting situation. I am able to clip the release on my D-loop and wait on an animal to come in. Or I am also able to put the wrist lanyard on and quietly put the release on my D-loop when a shooter comes in. I had a deer come in and the release performed perfectly, my shot was right on target. As I waited to climb down another deer came in closer to me. I had no problem quietly setting the Hot Spot Vapor up for the second kill shot. Once again the release performed perfectly and I feel confident taking it on any hunt.


    When I was not hunting, I shot this release a lot at targets. This release is not only a good hunting release but also a decent target release. I am not sure it will replace my Hot Shot Eclipse for my favorite target release but is a close second. The thing I like about this release is that it has many adjustments you can make on it. There is a trigger tension adjustment screw. The release is set from the factory near "hair-trigger". Which was actually fine with me. You can adjust the trigger thumb barrel forward position. You can adjust the trigger thumb barrel twist and the thumb barrel up-down position. Many of these adjustments you will not find in a release that cost 2x the amount of the Hot Shot Vapor. I really love the fact that Hot shot puts a large barrel on this release. Some more expensive releases have small barrels for your thumb. In turn there are lots of adjustments you can make out of the box. Adjustments that make this release more conformed to your hand and your shooting style.


You will find that the Hot Shot Vapor is a great value and an great price point as far as thumb releases go.

You can find out more information about the Hot Shot Vapor release at and


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