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Athens Archery Testament Review

Athens Archery Testament Review

      I would like to tell you about the Testament from Athens Archery. The bow came out in 2013 and is still in their line up in 2015. First off when you pull the Testament out of the box or off the rack at you local shop you will notice the weight. The weight of this bow is only 3.9 lbs. This is on the lighter end of the spectrum. Which is great for the hike into your hunting area. The next thing you will notice is the grip. The grip on this bow is mainly metal but, it is cut in a way to feel great and form fitting to the hand. This bow does not look like lots of typical bows on the market. It is cut with a Battle Axe type of design which makes it unique. The bow has an IBO rating of 340 FPS which is up there. It is 33.25" Axle to Axle so a good fit between the hunting type bows and the target type bows. The longer ATA for a hunting bow allows for more forgivness when shooting. 


       Once you get this bow set up with arrows, accessories, etc you will draw the bow back. This is one area you will fall in love with the Athens Cam technology. The draw cycle on the Athens Draw Length Specific Cams is so smooth. When you draw the bow back you want to take it slow on the first draw. You will find yourself at the solid back wall before you know it. This bow has a super solid back wall, like a brick wall. My Testament has the DLS cams and the new 2015 models have the options of the DLS cams or the NSX cams with modules. The lighter weight will also make the bow easier to hold at full draw. Less weight on your arm gripping the bow. When you release the arrow you will notice the dead in the hand feeling. The limbs counter each other to reduce hand shock. I found this bow to be accurate as I could allow it to be. The bow is as consistent as I can be. It is a pleasure to shoot this bow and I used it for 3D tournaments as well as took a few deer with it. I would encourage you to pick up this bow.


    All Athens Archery bows come with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer defects.  The warranty is fully transferable and is valid regardless if the bow was purchased new or used. This is an awesome warranty that is the best I have found in the bow market. If you ever have a problem with your Athens bow just take it back to your dealer or contact Athens Archery directly. Their customer service is second to none.

    Athens Archery is a Christian based company. You will find that some of their bows have the cuts in their risers and grips have crosses in them. Their bow names have Christian refences like the Testament, Judgement and Convixtion. Their bows are top quality bows cut on HAAS Automation machines, with Solid Gordon Glass limbs and quality parts and strings. You may notice they are all priced relativly the same. Athens does not make top of the line bows and cheep bows, just top of the line bows. If they seem out of your price range, I encourage you to find a used one off of Ebay, Facebook, Athens Archery Website Forum, Archery Talk Forum or some other forum. Remember it is still covered by their great warranty used. Also I will warn you, once you buy your first Athens it will likely not be your last. After I bought my first Athens, I bought 2 more. I also know many people who have a collection of Athens bows.


Here is some of the specs on the Athens Testament:

IBO rating: 340 FPS (335 fps with DLS)
Axle-To-Axle: 33.25"
Brace Height: 6.625"
Draw Weight: 40-70LBS (In 10LB increments)
Let-off: 65%-85% (adjustable) 
Weight: 3.9 Ibs

Draw Lengths: 27”-30” NSX Half-inch increments (DL specific mods)

Draw Lengths 25-30" w DLS cams

Standard Color options: 
Black Riser / Black Limbs
New Next Vista Black Camo

Target Color options:
White Pearl
Black Cherry
Blue Prism

Large American Flag Athens Logo white Letters2

For more information on the Testament click on the following link:


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