Trail First Aid....for the Horse of Course!

Safety for the horse is something a lot of equine enthusiasts seem to leave on the back burner.  However, if you were to be stranded in the middle of the woods, packing an elk off a cold mountain near dusk or even in an arena and your four legged friend that you are relying upon for transportation and he needed help, would you be prepared?  Do you have the knowledge and carry the proper first aid for him/her?

After 30 years of riding horses, training and riding all over in numerous obstacles you will always learn something new. You always find yourself somewhat unprepared.  I hope to put a bug in your ear so you think about this next time you mount your trusty steed.

You can go online and buy numerous different first aid kits for trail riding.  Just be sure that anything you purchase you know what each item does, or your horse will be carrying extra weight that is useless to both of you in an emergency situation.  If you chose to make up your own, which is perfectly fine, start with doing some research, getting ideas or I have created a "starter" list for you.  Please remember these are just suggestions of mine.


The above list is just a starter list.  I carry leather pieces in case a bridle breaks, tying jackets to the back of a saddle or even for a spare hair tie!  I always have a few granola bars or apples in my saddle bags.  Those are items both you and your horse can enjoy.  Compass, folding saw, TP and of course don't forget your camera!

Happy trails and make your adventure a safe one for both you and your horse!