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ScoutLook Hunting Weather Apps

ScoutLook Hunting Weather Apps


ScoutLook Hunting Weather Mobile App

If you don't have it I suggest you get it. ScoutLook is a weather / hunting app.  It gives you weather but it also give you a lot more. The app can locate you and tell you weather for your area. You can also set up ScoutMaps. This is where you can set loaction for where you hunt or your treestands or ground blinds. I use this app days before I hunt to plan my hunt, when I get to a property and when I am in the stand.

My favorite feature of the App is the ScentCone. You can use this in the field or from anywhere phone or computer once you set up your Locations. If you use it on the go it will show you your location, take the forecasted wind at the time and show you the direction that the wind is sending your scent. If you also have your locations set up you can go to the app click on a location and check the ScentCone for up to about 3 days ahead of time. Like if you want to check ahead the night before a hunt or recheck it before you leave home or camp. See what the wind speed and direction will be like at 6 am - 12 pm. This is especially important if you don't want the animals to sniff you out. This will let you plan ahead and decide which stand you want to hunt based one the forecasted wind direction. Keep in mind wind can change and this is based off the forecast.


This App has many other features.

  • ScoutMaps
  • Save your favorite places (more than 22 outdoor activity categories) to waypoint pins on our topographic, aerial or street maps. Each saved location provides:
    • Pinpoint Weather: Weather details accurate to a few square miles, versus zip code or vicinity forecasts.
    • ScentCone, SetZone & DriftPoint Wind Maps: Monitor wind direction and speed during a 72-hour period at any saved location for big game or waterfowl hunting, or fishing.
    • Solunar Times: Included in every hunting or fishing forecast.
    • Barometric Pressure: Current and 72-hour forecasts to help you predict fish and game movements.
    • Lunar Phase & Sunrise/Sunset Times: Included in every forecast.
    • Tides: Displayed in all hunting or fishing locations within 5 miles of the coast.
    • Hunting & Fishing Logs: Tied to your saved locations (coming soon).

You can get it for Android $1.99, iPhone $1.99 and Ipad $4.99, there is also a FREE Mossy Oak® version for Android and iPhone.

Kinda Hunting The North Dakota Badlands
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