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Lady Shooters

Lady Shooters
Okay this is for all you females out there who love the idea of being a bow slingin deer harvesting girl! Just don't know where to get started or maybe feel a little intimidated by gettin' out there! (trust me I know what that's like) I was in your shoes not that long ago! So I'm going to go over a few of the basics with you that will hopefully get you ready to take the plunge! :)
  1.  You need to find an Archery shop near you. Don't just go to a retail store they just aren't very helpful to a beginner.
  2.  They will start off by measuring your draw lengrh. That means they will have you stand with your arms straight out to your sides and measure the distance between the tips of your middle fingers. That is your draw length! Simple right!
  3.   Next step is finding a release. That's the little bracelet thing you strap on your wrist that clasps on the string so you can pull it back. And yes girls they come in pretty pink! When you put this on to shoot don't put it on to tight and you want it set up so that the tip of it rests just the middle knuckle of your middle finger. The great part of going to an archery shop is they are going to help you with all this!
  4.  At this point they will grab a bow set it up to fit ya and take ya outside to give it a try. Yep they will expect you to take your first swing at it while they watch!! I was like oh good Lord above please don't let me look like a complete fool haha. Just Relax it really isn't bad at all.
  5.  Figuring out how many lbs to set your bow at is the next step. I started at the low end but at enough lbs to kill something.  30 lbs.  

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